Since it was founded in 1905, KESSKO has been all about making high-quality an easy-to-handle convenience products that contribute to the success of its customers in the baking and confectionery trades. KESSKO is also known for producing flexible and individual solutions for the food industry, and for confectionery and ice cream manufacturers and large-scale bakeries in particular.

As a long-established company, we enjoy a good reputation in our sector. Our customers expect high quality standards and excellent service in every aspect of our business from professional advice to the delivery of products and beyond. This is a challenge we are rising to now and will continue to rise to in the future. And as we do so, we want to keep developing our products and processes along with our company as a whole, so that we remain a reliable and valued partner to our customers and suppliers.

We prioritise safe and reliable goods with consistent product qualities. These are manufactured and delivered in compliance with all the relevant legal requirements and under safe and hygienic working conditions (hygiene, HACCP, product protection, and occupational health and safety). We accept our social responsibilities with regard to guaranteeing a tolerant working environment and issues concerning environmental protection and sustainability.

To ensure our high quality standards are maintained and adhered to at all times, a quality management system that meets the International Featured Standard (IFS) Food and is upheld across every process and level involved in our company’s activities was introduced.

In addition, KESSKO has a range of organic products that comply with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 and is inspected by inspection body DE-ÖKO-013 every year.

KESSKO is also a contact for Fairtrade products in the cocoa and sugar category and is certified with the ID 21276 in accordance with the FLO Fairtrade standard.

Quality is at the forefront of our day-to-day work.

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